Women45 Co-Working Hub

Collaboration and Networking

Women45 Collaboration is evolving. We are on a journey of discovery and invite you to be involved.

Women45 Collaboration is being designed by you and for you - to meet specific needs of women in this cohort. Women45 Collaboration is not about reinventing or duplicating what is currently available in the employment, training and entrepreneurial space. We want to collaborate with the providers who have the knowledge, expertise and network to support Women45 and over.

Women45 Collaborative Collaboration (W45CC)

A Women45 Collaborative Collaboration (W45CC), comprising of Women currently providing services in this area has been established, with its inaugural meeting occurring early November. We are very excited to have the support of the W45CC. We will collaboratively explore and discuss the challenges facing this cohort. With our experience and wisdom, we will identify the gaps and discuss opportunities in designing and delivering programs and services which not only add value to what is currently happening in this space, but hopefully provides an insight and inspires a future. 

Join the Women45 Collaborative

 We are a Collaborative, Co-deigning and providing a Co-working hub. So why not join us? You can contribute by ……

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